TEC7 – 3 w 1 -biały, czarny, szary

55,00 38,50

Capacity                         310 ml

● bonds all materials
● bond strength 26.5 kg cm 2
● odorless, non-toxic
● does not crack
● can be used at temperatures below 0 ° C
● can be painted and varnished
● can be glued under water
● does not dry for over a year after after opening
● resistant to UV radiation
● resistant to fungi and bacteria
● resistant to vibrations

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You only need to decide on the color.
Replaces all types of assembly adhesives – PU glue , sanitary glue, silicone putty, acrylic putty, butyl, bitumen glue …
in stonework, glass, window installation, etc. It is used for filling and sealing joints and joints. It is suitable for sealing sanitary facilities, for grouting and gluing tiles, strips and quarter rounds. It is suitable for bonding both smooth and porous material surfaces – such as concrete, stone, wood, aluminum, glass, metal, zinc, plastic, mirror, ceramics, azure coatings, powder surfaces, insulating boards made of wood fiber, polystyrene, fiber glass, polyethylene (except PE / PP – limited adhesion in Teflon). For indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for gluing mirrors and aquariums.


Biały, Czarny, Szary

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